Wednesday, June 15, 2016

FASHION CHALLENGE: Boho Maxi Dress - Angely's Smooth Contrast

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My second volunteer is the very talented, the very beautiful radio personality and all around fabulous person Angely Baez -  @angelybaezf 

Angely is the true definition of a Super Woman! she has achieved an amazing balance in all the realms of ther life: Professional, Family, Social and Personal. 

As a radio host, Master of Ceremonies and social influencer; Angely needs to keep up a certain refined image, but she does not complain about this chore at all! on the contrary, she enjoys it and savors every challenge.  This was the case with this challenge... she did ask me for help, and I did cheat and sent her options... BUT She surprised me by actually using NONE of my suggestions and taking the bold move of using contrast instead of matching up her colors.  

Angely's look includes a bold colored tote bag in blue cobalt which she pairs up with an obi-wan style.  Her accesories are simple, but elegant.  I just love her look! 


Mi segunda voluntaria es la muy talentosa, bella y fabullosa Angely Baez - @angelybaezf

Angely es por definicion la Super Mujer! Ha conseguido un envidiable balance en todas las areas de su vida.  Locutora y personalidad radial, amiga, Maestra de Ceremonias, Madre, hermana y musa de quien les escribe :) 
Para poder manejar todos sus roles ella necesita un vestuario que vaya acorde con su diario vivir.  El boho dress le encanto y a mi me sorprendio que tomo el paso de usar contraste al combinar su atuendo. 

Su look incluye una cartera en azul cobalto la cual combina con su cinturon tipo Obi-Wan.
Sus accesorios son simples y le da balance al resto de su look. 

Amo su estilismo, espero que a ti tambien te guste! 


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