Sunday, October 24, 2010

Know your Jeans!

Which is your jean type?
Do you live in your skinny jeans? or are you a tomboyish boot-cut jean wearer?
Do you steal your boyfriend's jeans and make them your own?
There are so many different shapes and types of jeans, it's hard to choose... but the truth is, when the jean fits it brands you for life!

You might think of these as "Mom's jeans" but they are contemporarily thought of as "fashion foward" . Often belted, these jeans look best with heels giving the illusion of even more height. These are great for Willow-y figures that want some curve.
The Sexiest of all jeans!
This style looks great tucked into boots by day, and paired with strappy heels or booties by night. The skinny jean look only works if you are ubber slim, and I do not recommend it for shorter girls unless you're trying to snatch yourself a Jonas brother.

This trend has always been there, but it did kind of took center stage a couple of summers ago (Thanks Katie Holmes) It can be found in long versions or cuffed like this one. I like them because they are so comfy, and if you have a good sense of style, you can figure out how to wear them for the evening. Slouchy and often distressed, these are great weekend jeans. THEY MUST be offset with feminine tops and shoes to fight off the "boyish" look.

They can be confused with your Straight leg, but slightly wider from the calf down.
This style is one of the most universally flattering-and is easily dressed up with a pair of heels.
You pretty much can't go wrong with these, I suggest you get one in every color~!

This classic and elegant shape can pretty much fit into your work place.
It can be beautifully paired with oxford shirts, and strings of pearls for cocktails or such events.
Great for tall & Curvy types
it balances out hips & thighs for an elegant look.

Classic & versatile, the standard width is 17".
This style can be work for a more stylish events, while it does have a relaxed appeal.
Great for elongating short legs.

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