Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Aside from my usual Personal Shopping assignments, Post PS Closet Renewals et al, I am doing wardrobe for a few photoshoots a month.... Here is a small sample of the items used on a photoshoot last night... The Creative team was looking for a "sophisticated-Rocker-Tough-Chic-Turned-Spy" It was easier than it sounds I swear...

Black Evolve Waistcoat
65 GBP -
Black vest »

Valentino Wool tuxedo shorts
$990 -
Wool shorts »

Pelle Moda Wrigley3
$128 -
Platform pump »

3XL Disc Earrings
$150 -
Disc earrings »

Gold Shell Earrings
$47 -
Gold earrings »

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