Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Miss Universe

Miss Universe's 2010 edition was held in Las Vegas, Nevada... so close, yet so far away!!
I love Vegas, it's got great shopping and I encourage anyone to go there for that purpose instead of gambling! I love the dessert climate as well, because you can wear your light "summery" clothing during the day but heavier, layered looks for nights.

Eva Arias, a very tall and sophisticated model from the Dominican Republic was their representative this year. Increadibly enough, this beautiful woman did not qualify as a semi-finalist, but then again I've always said Models and Beauty Queens are two completely different monsters.

Some people believe that Eva did not qualify because of her wardrobe. You see in Miss Universe history, black is a bad choice! Eva wore a strapless black dress, and many feel that WHITE is the colour of choice if you want to walk out with the gorgeous MU Tiara. However, the last two winners have dared to wear lucious red gowns and stolen all of the jury's attention.

Miss Mexico achieved what over 80 girls had hoped for... but let's go back to Eva and see what other options would have worked for her in the end....

Many people said Eva should wear Blue, and I won't complain since, as I've said billions of times, I LOVE ROYAL BLUE!
I chose this one because I happen to have met Eva personally and she is the type of girl with a smaller torso, higher waist and looooong endless legs! I think the detail around the bodice of this dress gives the illusion of a more asymetrical body shape. Of course I pair blue with silver & black make-up and very lite pinkish lips.

Here's a risky choice! and not because it's shinier than my face in a hot summer afternoon... But because I never mix silver and gold... but if I'm going to take a risk, then I'll go all the way! Many people loved this outfit, while I feel that it might take attention away from the girl herself!... that might not always be a bad idea, hmmm...

And here it is... if you're an avid "Missologist" (read it again, that's not what you think it is) you know that WHITE is the color!

Not that the DR would EVER let her representative wear an unconventional dress, like the blue one here... but one can dream, right?

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